Prac 2.0:

CIDQ's New Computerized Practicum Exam

As in the past, CIDQ updates the exam both in content and format in response to the Practice Analysis conducted every 5 years. In October of 2017, CIDQ introduces the newest format of the practicum, Prac 2.0. 

Here is a brief outline of what we know:

  • Prac 2.0 has been developed so that the content areas being tested are very similar to the recently retired paper and pencil exam.
  • CIDQ will now be using a computer based interactive, testing platform for Prac 2.0. Since this format is for testing and not for design, no prior design software experience is needed.
  • Prac 2.0 will consist of three Case Studies, a large commercial, a small commercial, and a residential. All questions refer to these Case Studies.
  • Four question types are being used; Hot Spot, Drag and Place, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Choice. Each question is worth one point.
  • Included in each Case Study will be all resources needed to answer the questions. Resources mentioned are a project scenario, universal codes, a plan plus other resources not spelled out.
  • There is a Prac 2.0 Blueprint available on the CIDQ website. All tasks and knowledge areas are evenly distributed to all Case Studies. We highly recommend printing your own copy for reference.
  • According to the CIDQ website, practice exams will be available shortly for candidates to familiarize themselves with the new testing platform and format.

Other information: Prac 2.0 will be no longer than half a day, it will consist of between 100 to 175 questions, and will be offered at the same locations as IDFX & IDPX. To read the entire CIDQ description, click on  

QPrep: Where we stand right now

Our workshops have been, up until now, based on the paper and pencil practicum. CIDQ has published enough information about Prac 2.0 to give us a clue about the new format but not nearly enough for us to redesign our workshops at this time. We need to take the sample exam they will be offering, hopefully soon, before we can decide how to proceed.

We ask for your patience while we go through this growing process. Please visit our website often for updates.

Thank you,

Donna, Phyllis, and Cheryl

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NCIDQ Exam Preparation

Workshops taught by former STEP Workshop Leaders

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Meet the Instructors

Why QPrep? 

Our instructors are former STEP Workshop Leaders and have been teaching NCIDQ preparation classes for a total of 35 years. Where else can you find more experience? 

Tips and News

  • Have you set up a study group for the IDFX and IDPX? Have you tried contacting your local IIDA or ASID Chapter to see if they know of other designers who'd like to join you in the preparation process?

  • Visit the CIDQ website to see what's new,                    

Common Questions:​               

  • How do I know I'm qualified to take the exam?
    • The best way to determine your eligibility is for you to visit the CIDQ website and compare your educational background and work experience with the requirements described.   Click on   and scroll down for information regarding Eligibility, the Qualified Work Experience chart, and all necessary forms.

QPrep offers workshops that help designers prepare themselves primarily for the Practicum section of the NCIDQ Exam. Content areas, the NCIDQ book list and study tips for the Multiple Choice sections are minimally discussed.