Update July 17

To those of you who are interested in taking PRAC 2.0 in October, CIDQ has released a 13 question sample exam through their website. https://www.cidq.org/prac-2-0  We at QPREP, having taken this quiz, have had discussions with CIDQ to gather additional information and clarify several items that we feel are unclear both in question expectations and codes. At this time we do not feel we have sufficient content information or clarification to provide an accurate and informative course that meets the quality standard we demand and you expect from us. We could provide a course containing many speculations but feel you deserve the best and most accurate instruction for the investment you make in this step of your professional endeavors. We have all of the latest information CIDQ is willing to provide any study organization and do not feel we have enough absolute answers or clearly understood information to provide a course without speculation.

It is our hope and intention that we will be in a position to offer workshops in January of 2018. We are working to make that happen.

In the interim, we are working to develop some webinars addressing those content areas where we have sufficient information to offer a high quality learning experience. Our first webinar will be focused on the updated 16 page NCIDQ Building Codes. Please visit the CIDQ website to download the new codes. https://www.cidq.org/prac-2-0

We ask that you frequently check back with us to see our progress in having quality and accurate information ready and available for you to prepare for the PRAC 2.0 exam.

Thank you,

Donna, Phyllis, and Cheryl

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Our instructors are former STEP Workshop Leaders and have been teaching NCIDQ preparation classes for a total of 35 years. Where else can you find more experience? 

Tips and News

  • Have you set up a study group for the IDFX and IDPX? Have you tried contacting your local IIDA or ASID Chapter to see if they know of other designers who'd like to join you in the preparation process?

  • Visit the CIDQ website to see what's new,                              www.cidq.org

Common Questions:​               

  • How do I know I'm qualified to take the exam?
    • The best way to determine your eligibility is for you to visit the CIDQ website and compare your educational background and work experience with the requirements described.   Click on  https://www.cidq.org/apply   and scroll down for information regarding Eligibility, the Qualified Work Experience chart, and all necessary forms.

QPrep offers workshops that help designers prepare themselves primarily for the Practicum section of the NCIDQ Exam. Content areas, the NCIDQ book list and study tips for the Multiple Choice sections are minimally discussed.